Hi, I'm Nicole!

I am a creative, multimedia artist and writer based in Toronto, Canada. Throughout my life, I have always had a strong passion for art and storytelling. I'm currently majoring in Media Production with the goal of perusing a career within film and writing in the future. I have always enjoyed exploring different ways to tell my stories. From short films to music videos, and from making animated shorts under the pseudonym nictariine to making music under the pseudonym Nix, I'm always looking for ways to spread out to different mediums.

Storytelling is such a versatile and ever-changing concept, and as an artist I believe that the best stories spark all the senses, and can follow you throughout platforms and formats. My favorite stories speak to the darker side of human emotion, and how technology is altering the human experience. I aim to tell these same stories in my work. As today's online art landscape is so community driven, I'm always looking for new projects to take on and fellow creatives to work with. If you have any inquiries, potential projects, or commission ideas that you'd like me to take on, please reach out! I'm eager to work with you.

Black Mirror Spec Script: "FACSIMILE" (2020)

"With a world of decay growing outside of her window, Malaya becomes engulfed in FACSIMILE, a simulation game which allows her to build her own utopia. But as her digital life blossoms, her real life begins to crumble." Spec Script based on Netflix's Black Mirror. Written by Nicole Rayner in 2020.
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