hi, i'm nicole.

Nicole Rayner’s entire life is on the internet. For better or for worse, this 22 year old writer has been navigating the online sphere through writing for the past 10 years. Growing up throughout an era where the pillars of internet culture was being built in real time, Nicole found herself exploring every pocket of the web; fandom, discourse, viral 15-minutes-of-fame and the underground music scene, among many others. Having originally found her niche creating content in fandom spaces for many of her favourite musicians, Nicole began creating music of her own, collaborating with other fans-gone-artists in the underground music scene. Now, having witnessed all sides of creative internet culture, Nicole is determined to work within the media space for the rest of her life.

Inspired by music, feminism, satire and online pop culture, Nicole enjoys writing about her experience navigating the online sphere as a woman, as a creative, and as a “chronically online” gen-zer. Through investigating music, media and culture through a digital lens, Nicole attempts to bring new ideas to discourses in an attempt to understand why we consume art the way we do. With a special love for female artists, pop music, and being cynical to cynics, Nicole hopes to provide a fresh, sarcastic, but lively voice to the journalism + commentary landscape. With a passion for all forms of art, Nicole believes that the best forms of storytelling are versatile, stimulating to all of the senses, and can follow you throughout all kinds of platforms and formats. Nicole is constantly aiming to expand her craft and experiment within different mediums, evolving her work into a lane entirely of its own.


As today's online art landscape is so community driven, I'm always looking for new projects to take on and fellow creatives to work with. If you have any inquiries, potential projects, or commission ideas that you'd like me to take on, please reach out! I'm eager to work with you.