5 Songs I Love (at the moment)

I’ve been in a real “listening to music” phase recently. I’m always listening to music, but I’m not always listening to music. Does that make sense? I go through swings where I don’t really think too much about what I’m listening to. I'll have my headphones on during subway rides and my speaker on while I’m studying at home but the music will fizzle out of my consciousness pretty quickly after it hits my ears. Other times, like right now, I go through swings where I listen to music with so much intensity you'd think that I was discovering sound for the first time. Every song I stream suddenly becomes the most life changing piece of media I’ve ever had blessed upon me, and I just want to talk everyone’s ears off over how fucking good my music taste is.

TikTok, Trend Cycles, and Thrift: The Contrast between Consumerism and Digital Landscapes

At the end of the day, fashion should not be a competition. The moment a form of expression becomes a battle of staying up-to-date and ‘fitting in’ is the moment that identity is lost. Brands and outlets will always attempt to push trends; it’s what ultimately keeps them relevant. Trend cycles were infinitely easier for advertisers to push in the time before social media, but today, any viral figure or highly-viewed video can influence a trend within a specific circle.